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What is Multifactor Authentication 2FA/MFA ?

Screen Shot of Two (2) Factor Authentication WordPress and Authy
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2 Factor Authentication (2FA) provides another layer of security for your website. After completing your normal username and password, you will also be required to provide another factor of authentication. 

The most popular form of 2FA uses a software generated, time based, one-time passcode.  This is often referred to as TOTP or a soft token. 

As a user, you must download and install a 2FA app onto your smartphone or desktop. 

A very good 2FA app is called Authy and can be found at or in your app or play store.

Of course, if you are securing your website with 2FA, you will need for example with WordPress to install a 2FA plugin.  Once you setup your website, and pair it with the Authy app you can simply login with your username and password as normal.

After your username and password is entered, your website will ask for the 2FA.  Open the Authy app, and there will be a code.  Enter this code into the login screen on your website and you gain access.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) simply means that after you enter your username and password, another form of identification is needed. This maybe a soft token (above) or a fingerprint scan, iris scan or voice scan, or other.

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