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DIY with professional

Get noticed by using one of our professionally designed themes.  Personalise the content using our drag and drop DIY Site Builder.

Promoting yourself or your business is easy.  Our site builder is template and wizard based with guided content that is easy for beginners and feature rich for professionals.

Our sitebuilder feels like PowerPoint but with more grunt and simplicity.

You’ll love using our DIY site builder!

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Site Builder Features

Site Builder Drag and Drop Icon

Drag & Drop Editor

The Drag & Drop Editor lets customers add and arrange website features directly on the page with predictive highlighting of areas for placement.

Site Builder Building Features Icon

Building Features

You can use ready-made layout elements like text, buttons, photos, or icons to build any custom professional-looking website layout.

Site Builder Pre Designed Building Blocks Icon

Pre-designed Building Blocks

You don’t have to waste time manipulating content layouts. A collection of 350+ content blocks helps them build professional websites without any technical skills.

Site Builder Built in Mobile Friendly Icon

Built-in Mobile-Friendly

Websites will look great on any device. Templates are 100% responsive to all devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Site Builder Stock Photos Integration

Stock Photos Integration

Empower your website with a selection of over 200,000 professional premium photos in high-resolution. Our Site Builder also includes Embedded Videos and Image Optimization.

Site Builder Auto Save and Backup Icon

Auto Save & Backup

You can be sure not to lose any work with real-time saving. The editor automatically saves everything while you work.

Site Builder Blog Page Icon

Blog Page

Share your story and connect with your visitors by adding a customizable blog to your website. Configure post appearance on your published website.

Site Builder Draft Post Icon

Draft Post

Create your blog post now to save and publish later to coincide with specific news or a special promotion.

Site Builder Post Editor Icon

Post Editor

Make changes to a blog post after it has already been published using the built-in post content authoring tool and editor.

Site Builder Social Sharing Icon

Social Sharing

Encourage your visitors to like and share your content by adding icons for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to your site.

Site Buiilder Facebook Likes Icon

Facebook Comments and Likes

Give visitors the option to comment and like your linked Facebook page without leaving your website.

Site Builder Twitter Instagram Icon

Instagram and Twitter Connect

Automatically showcase your Instagram photos on your website every time you post and keep your site visitors updated by displaying a live feed of your Twitter account.

With our FREE Trial, you can try Site Builder and fully build your new website for FREE with no upfront costs.You won’t have to pay anything until you’re ready to publish!

FeaturesSite Builder One PageSite Builder Unlimited
Professional Quality Website Templates
User-First Design for All Skill Levels
Easy Drag & Drop Editing
Responsive to Mobile Devices
Free Image Gallery
Component Based Building Blocks
Auto Layouts for Proportional Spacing
Contact Form Builder
Restore Websites
Theme Inheritance
Social Media Integration
SEO Friendly
Built-In Analytics
E-Commerce ProductsComing SoonComing Soon
User-First Design for all Skill Levels

Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use mean higher CSS (Customer Satisfaction Scores) and a better user experience.

Responsive to Mobile Devices

Saves a lot of time and effort when creating a website for different mobile devices.

Component-Based Building Blocks

The Pre-designed Building Blocks will help you build professional websites without wasting time manipulating content layouts.

No Coding required
SiteBuilder is not targeting professional coders. Our aim is to provide SMEs with a platform that anybody can use to create elegant websites that work on any device, in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

A web site is publicly accessible and helps to establish your business's online credibility and helps to establish your brand in your space.

Your web site also gives you more freedom and flexibility to differentiate yourself from your competition and provides your customers with a direct line of contact.

Sure can.  Our site builder is easy to use and you can be online in a matter of minutes regardless of your web development skills.  

Browse for a ready made theme that you like, then it's a matter of drag and drop, cut and paste as much as you like to customise it.

We have a free stock image library at your disposal or you can use your own images.

There are many, many templates to choose from.  There is a template for most industries.  You will be able to customise your images, change your fonts and styling to brand the site to your needs to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Our web site builder allows you to build new web sites in minutes.  Our templates are professionally designed.  Our editor is very easy to use and allows adding and removal of pages, customisation of navigation menus, edit images, embed videos and more.  Plus they are all responsive ensuring they work on all devices.

While you can only publish one website at a time - you can create multiple versions to test different layouts and views, images and forms etc before you implement it on your live web site.

If you have multiple businesses, you can purchase additional packages and create professional templated web site for each business or domain.

From the Site Editor, you will be able to optimise your web site for SEO purposes.  Customise page titles, image tags and meta descriptions.

This functionality is coming soon.

Yes, please contact us for more information.  We have very competitive fees for developing web sites using Site Builder.