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If you are looking to migrate your website away from your existing hosting provider – Save time and a lot of stress and let Blue Ocean Web Hosting do the migration for you.  Start migrating to our servers today by pushing the Get Started button below.

There are many different web hosting technologies out there today.  Thankfully our web hosting platform is one of the most popular of them all – cPanel.  No matter what platform your existing site  is using, moving a website is a difficult task to achieve.  Many businesses don’t know where or how to start moving there site and data from one hosting provider to another.  Making the wrong mistake could mean your web site being offline for hours or even days.

Blue Ocean Web Hosting will provide you a solution to smoothly migrate from an existing provider to our fast, secure servers.   PLUS we will also honour any existing time left you have with your previous host.  See more below…


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Hosting and Migration FAQ's

How much free hosting will I get?

Blue Ocean Web Hosting will honour any prepaid hosting service from your existing provider for up to a period of 12 months free.  The free period will expire on the day of your existing providers expiry date.  Migration is not an automated action so our solutions team will manually review every submission to ensure the migration goes smoothly and the correct ‘free’ period has been applied before starting the migration process.

How long does migration take?

After you submit the initial short info questionnaire above one of our team will reach out to you and ask you to provide all the necessary logins.  We will also discuss when your preferred time frame is to have your website moved.  

What login credentials do I need to give you?
  • Billing logins for your existing provider
  • Domain registrar logins
  • cPanel logins for your existing cPanel
  • WordPress Logins
  • Email account logins if they are also migrating
Do I need to transfer my domain name to you?

To ensure we can give you fast efficient service into the future we recommend and prefer that you transfer the domain name to us.  Our team will talk to you if you are not willing to move the domain name to understand your reasons.

Will my site experience downtime during migration?

There will normally be no downtime as such.  Even when we change the DNS settings and DNS Propagation begins – for the first 4-12 hours the internet will either load your site from your existing servers or load it from our servers.  Once propagation is complete – all load requests will come from our servers and your existing provider can be notified and their services shut down.



Are all of my emails migrated also?

Migration includes your website files and your website database.  We will discuss email migration with you – just because of the possible complexities that could occur.  Some email migrations attract a small fee but we will discuss all this with you – it really depends on your existing setup.

If we migrate emails don’t forget you will need to update your email software with details of the new server.  We are here to help along the way though…

What if I need more resources or bigger plan when I migrate across?

When we migrate we like to try and match the services and resources of your existing plan to that of the hosting plan you choose from us.  When you sign up, you will be allocated a Personal Account Manager and he will discuss various options and recommendations with you.

I have a question that is not listed here?

Contact us at any time.  We are always willing to help you and provide the best possible service to you.

Can I migrate the website to a new domain name with you?

Under the free transfer migration task unfortunately, No.  If you need to change domains please talk to us and we can give you an idea of costs.  Why?, because there are more steps and is more complex to change a website from one domain to another.  Everything is coded for the original domain.