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How To Minimise Spam – WordPress

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With anything, there is an easy way and a hard way. So happens, there are a number of easy ways to stop WordPress comment spam. Before we get to the easy ways – the hard way is manually. Manually means logging into the backend of your site and looking through your comments and weeding out the spam.

Easy way, is to install a plugin and let it do the tedious task.

Akismet plugin is an extremely good plugin to help fight spam. It has been around for years, and has built up quite a rich database of known spammers. This rich database allows the plugin to instantly stop the spam comment from coming through and being posted on your site. Akismet is free for personal WordPress sites/blogs.

Spam comments are posted by bots or scripts, not real people. Google has created the Google reCaptcha. reCaptcha uses advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges (eg solve a simple maths problem) to keep the spam script from engaging in spam activities on your site.

Other ways are
· only letting your site’s registered users comment.
· Approve all comments.
· Turn off comments altogether

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