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Blue Ocean Web Hosting - Backup your WordPress website
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Put this task to the top of every list you make.  Backups are the most important task that you can undertake.  If the worst happens, a current working backup ensures that you are back up and running in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of lost data.

A successful and recommended backup solution looks like this:

Offsite Location: Store your backups in a different location to your website. An entirely different physical geographical location.  Blue Ocean Web Hosting Backup service adheres to and provides this requirement.

Automatic: Best to try and automate the backups so they are performed on a regular basis.  Blue Ocean Web Hosting provides an automated service, and also gives you the tools if you want to do a manual backup of your hosting space.

Redundant: There is a law of computing that says that your data (website) doesn’t exist unless there are two copies of it.  At Blue Ocean Web Hosting we keep a copy of our backups for 7 days, 1 month, and three-monthly versions.

Tested & True:  The only real way to ensure a complete back up is to test the backup.  To do this is to register a test domain, and then restore your backup into it – If the files are valid and complete you will see your site on and your backup is tested.  This could be a bit of overkill – however it depends on how mission critical your site is.  Blue Ocean Web Hosting can offer this service if needed.

Talk to us at Blue Ocean Web Hosting today about our backup service which is included in most plans or standalone.

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