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What SSL Certificate is right for me?

No matter what sort of website you maybe hosting, protecting and encrypting  the date that is being sent and received over the internet has never been more important.

What is a SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) Certificate?

When a SLL Certificate is installed to your site, the SSL Certificate encrypts the data that your customers are sending and receiving from your website.

A simple way that the SSL works:

a] Your customer accesses your site with an SSL installed
b] A secure SSL connection is requested from your site
c] Your site responds with a valid SSL Certificate
d] A secure connection is established enabling the transfer of encrypted data to begin

Types of SSL Certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates (DV SSL Certificate) – best for small to medium businesses and the cheapest too.  A DV SSL only requires proof of ownership of the domain the certificate is for.  DV SSL should only be used for encryption and are unable to be used to indicate the trust level of a domain or company that owns the domain.  DV SSL’s should not be used for eCommerce sites.  They are best used for testing sites, servers, and internal business sites.

What SSL Certificate is right for me DV SSL - Blue Ocean Web Hosting

Organisation Validated SSL Certificates (OV SSL) – are essentially the same as DV SSL Certificates however the domain owners take an additional step by requiring proof of domain ownership and legitimacy.  This is performed by the issuing authority that the business associated with the domain is in fact registered and legitimate by checking such information such as the name of the business, it’s location, address and other legal information.

What SSL Certificate is right for me OV SSL - Blue Ocean Web Hosting

Extended Validated SSL Certificates (EV-SSL) are the highest level of trust that a SSL Certificate can receive and are the industry standard if you are running an eCommerce website.  The EV SSL is identifiable to the end user (your customer) by instead of a padlock or ‘secure’ text left side next to the domain, you will see the organisation’s name next to the domain name.  These certificates are essential for eCommerce and large business sites where financial and important data transactions occur.

What SSL Certificate is right for me EV- SSL - Blue Ocean Web Hosting


All variants of SSL certificates are available from Blue Ocean Web Hosting

Blue Ocean Web Hosting - Do I need a SSL Certificate
Do I need to buy a SSL Certificate?

SSL these days is a must have.  Once you install an SSL onto your site, you and your visitors are able to access the site securely.  You and your visitors will know you have an SSL as they will see the https:// in the URL bar.  The SSL allows your website to be accessed over HTTPS – This encrypts the data sent between your site and your visitors computer.

Since around 2014 SSL has been a tool used by Google in their algorithms that help determine what SEO score your site should receive.  Google is also no publicly identifying non HTTPS sites.

Implementing a SSL certificate is quite simple with Blue Ocean Web Hosting and in the vast majority of cases, it is issued and installed automatically once purchased from our website.  If in doubt, your account manager will help you if you get stuck.

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