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Life cycle of a domain name

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Once you register a domain name, and fail to renew it, there are many stages that the domain name goes through before the domain name is released for anyone else to register it.  Blue Ocean Web Hosting recommends that you turn on Auto Renew of your domains.  This way an invoice will be generated close to expiry and if you have a credit card on file, it will renew automatically.

1] Domain name is available to be registered

2] Domain name is registered

3] Domain is up for Renewal, if not renewed then

4] Website and email services cease and client has 40 days to renew via normal process

5] After 40 days, domain enters Redemption Grace period

6] Client has 30 days to renew  – this generally costs more to retrieve domain from Redemption

7] After the 30 days in Redemption/Grace, the domain is now Pending Deletion

8] After 5 days Pending Deletion, domain is released and is again available to be registered by the public

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