60 Gig of space for your websiteAverage-Medium sized is website under 5 gig – lots of room for emails and/or space for website archiving or growth
Unlimited* BandwidthUnlimited visitors to your site per month
Unlimited* Email AccountsHave as many email accounts as you can fit into 60 Gig
Unlimited* email QuotaEach email can be as big as 2 Gig
Australian SupportAll our support is from Queensland Australia. EST
Dedicated Account ManagerOne point of contact for all queries
FREE SSL CertificateData Encryption to and from your website
FREE BackupWe will keep snapshots of your hosting account for 7 days each day
Priority Tech SupportGo to top of the queue during Business Hours (East Coast)
Phone SupportTalk to your Account Manager if you have a question
24/7 Ticket SupportHelp desk is monitored outside of business hours
99.9% Server UptimeRecorded uptime sits at 99.9% plus server uptime
cPanel IncludedWorld class hosting control panel provided
No Lock In ContractsPay monthly or annually. Other options available, just ask
Australian Owned and OperatedBlue Ocean Web Hosting is proudly Australian Owned



You have a fast-growing business and need the power of a web hosting plan that will deliver the space and speed you need for your web site and emails.  Without the expense of your own server, the Medium Business Hosting Plan is the best plan we offer in the shared environment.  An unlimited* number of visitors can visit your site each month, you have as many email accounts as you can fit into the storage space.

If you need a web hosting plan that will allow you to grow, that will allow unlimited advanced options to really make your mark on the internet – this Medium Business Hosting Plan is for you.

Blue Ocean Web Hosting - Need more space and power
Blue Ocean Web Hosting - No Server Overcrowding Or Overselling


The Medium Business Hosting Plans are not oversold.  This means that unlike other providers, we have a strict limit of how many web sites we allow to exist on each server.  There are many servers so there is no worry of us running out!

Overselling is used as a gamble that many web hosting providers take, guessing that not all web sites on the server will be active and consuming resources at the same time, so they ‘load ‘em up’ or oversell.

The more web sites on the server, the more resources that the server cannot provide your site – your web site slows, and ultimately you lose money as your customers come away with a slow, unreliable experience.

Asia Pacific Servers

To allow us to provide you and your customers fast web page load times, our servers are strategically based in the Asia Pacific region. This ensures fast access speeds not only to your Australian customers but also your customers in greater Asia and the USA.  Please consult with your Account Manager if you require another region.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Like all our plans are offered to you and housed on rock solid servers.  We have 99.9% + recorded up-time,  we monitor 24/7 for security breaches to identify and disable any bad actors trying to hack into the server as a whole.  We provide you with the most secure and reliable environment possible for your website to operate in.

Round The Clock Access

Our services are accessible 24/7/365 online if you or your developerwish to purchase addons, extensions or upgrades.  This allows you or your developer to access and configure at whatever time is suitable to you.  If you need any help signing up, or any advice on which plan suits you – sign up now or contact one of our Account Managers.

Management Portal

We use world wide standard, common platforms for our client portal and hosting environment control panel.  There are not  many web developers in the world that are not familiar with our platforms.  You or your developer can log straight into a familiar and intuitive hosting and control panel environments and begin work as soon as your account is setup.

Your Dedicated Account Manager

If you currently have your web site with another provider, we can talk to you about how it can be quite s simple process to bring your site over to our fast, secure and reliable platform.  We also provide domain name registration services and domain transfer services.  The Medium Business Hosting Plan is truly an all service full on, powerful hosting environment.   An Account Manager is assigned to you from the moment you create your account.  Our Account Managers operate on Eastern Standard Time and are located within Australia for a true Australian support experience.