Reset Lost cPanel Password

You are able to reset the cPanel password by logging into your hosting portal and navigating to the ‘Services-Products’.  Then in the left hand menu you can log into the cPanel or change the cPanel password.

If you would like us to reset the password for you please submit a ticket.  There is a small service charge.  Please refer to the List of Fees and Charges

We will choose a secure password for you and advise - alternatively


Do it Yourself:

1. Access to cPanel can be gained through the
hosting portal at

Login Screenshot Blue Ocean Web Hosting


2. Enter your login credentials


Enter your login credentials screen shot Blue Ocean Web Hosting


3.  Click on Services


Billing Portal Home Screen Blue Ocean Web Hosting


4.  Click on the hosting account of the cPanel you wish to access


Billing Portal-My Products & Services - Blue Ocean Web Hosting


5.  Click on either Login to cPanel or Change cPanel Password


Product Details - Billing Portal - Blue Ocean Web Hosting

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